While David and Kathy do this work voluntarily, having a Christian motivation to serve people, supporting themselves financially through Kathy's
nursing job, the unique methods the Trust employs to maximise benefit to the poor at no cost to the donors, has a broad appeal within the
general community. Profits are used to help people help themselves, irrespective of race or religion. This is illustrated in the middle photo on the
left hand side of our Home Page where a Muslim woman is being treated by an Indian doctor at an African medical clinic! The lady having her
eye examined here by Dr Kumar is wearing typical day-to-day clothing of a villager in Africa.

So now, we are an old organisation but one with a new thrust, a new direction, a new purpose for being.

Interested in being involved? Contact us at enquiries@africaarise.org.nz or phone Kathy and David on (06) 879 9911. The country code for New
Zealand is +64, for international callers.
Upon the sale of Kaydees Gardens in 1998 the trust remained in abeyance while David worked fulltime for
WWJ Ministries on a voluntary basis. WWJ is primarily an internet ministry, reaching many thousands of
people weekly through 'ezines' and their website www.wwj.org.nz. Kathy has supported the families living
expenses through her job as a hospital Theatre Nurse. During this time David, in particular, but also Kathy,
have travelled extensively through Africa, developing a real heart for the people there. The problems of
poverty the people face, partially as a result of their own societal attitudes but largely, in many countries,
through a lack of resources, sadly exacerbated by the exploitation of the former European colonists, has
been seen and experienced.


On an African visit in 2006, David observed the huge demand for second hand clothing and other goods, at
prices that the poor could afford. Knowing that we throw out, often to landfills, the items that the African
poor are buying, he saw the opportunity to help the people with affordable product. At the same time, the
profits from the sale of the goods sent could fund aid projects, specifically oriented towards helping the
people help themselves. And all without cost to the donors, through the eco-friendly method of recycling
unwanted goods. A humanitarian, planet friendly, win-win situation for all!

KAYDEE CHARITABLE TRUST, the legal entity operating 'africa arise' was set up by Kathy and David Tait (KAY for Kathy, DEE for
David) on 14 August 1994, as the charity arm of the then, well-known garden product mail order company, Kaydees Gardens.

At the time the Trust supported Walking With Jesus Ministries, who produced and distributed free of charge, the well known Bible course, 'Walking
With Jesus', to many thousands of people in New Zealand and throughout the world.
A Continent of 800 Million
beautiful people, many living
on 'less than a dollar a day'.

We can so easily make a
difference to their lives
through giving what we no
longer need ourselves.
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