A Continent of 800 Million
beautiful people, many living
on 'less than a dollar a day'.

We can so easily make a
difference to their lives
through giving what we no
longer need ourselves.
If you were able to assist our work for Africa with a cash donation it would be hugely appreciated.

We have expenses to meet in New Zealand, including sorting, selling some product locally, packing and freighting goods to Africa. Your donation
to us here means we can process and ship at a lower cost, making more money available in Africa to spend on helping the people there.

Donations for use for these purposes are tax deductible within the normal NZ Donation Exemption.

There are currently 3 ways in which you may donate.
Through your bank's 'Online Banking' system.

Simply enter Africa Arise into the banks 'Pre-Registered List' and complete the brief
details asked for. You will then be able to make a donation at any time, simply by
entering the amount you wish to give into your current payments schedule. We are
registered with all major banks.

Complete the online 'Automatic Payment Authority' for the amount and frequency of
donation you desire. Once again, our account details are pre-registered for this
purpose. The bank will then process your regular donation automatically.

NOTE: If you have any difficulty accessing our account details online, please refer
to our Contacts page where our Bank Account details are listed, then enter them
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Please make cheques (or bank drafts) payable to KAYDEE CHARITABLE TRUST and
post to
10 Kenny Avenue
Napier 4110
New Zealand
You may deposit directly to our account KAYDEE CHARITABLE TRUST locally or from
overseas. Our full bank account details are found on our Contacts page.

If you require a receipt (Tax deductible in New Zealand) enter your details here, hit the submit
button and we will forward your receipt once your deposit is confirmed.