Some projects in which we already, before being fully operational, have had an involvement through AYPAD (African Youth Platform For
Development) and the Patrick Song Foundation include:
Well drilling
Both organisations are involved in the vital provision of clean water for villages
through the provision of bores. A good water supply is one of the best ways of
helping improve the lives and health of people in the African countryside.
A newly installed bore provided by AYPAD.
The water flows.
Collins Christopher, the Director of AYPAD samples the pure, clear H2O!
With the high prevalence of AIDS throughout Africa there are literally millions of
orphans which countries struggle to cope with.
Here are a few of the lucky ones with a Danish AYPAD volunteer.
Village Education
What a difference a lot of love and a little money can make!
The school!
On the inside. Many pupils would sit on
large stones to take their lessons.
Hard to recognise!
The inside.
David Tait of africa arise with Dr
Kumar and Dr Barney Philips (Patrick
Song Foundation) and patients prior
to the first medical clinic.
A small number of the
patients waiting patiently
for treatment.
More patients, patiently
In keeping with our policy of
requiring local commitment, the
Nigerian Army operated this
dispensary, giving out drugs
donated from within, and from
outside, the country.
Dr Kumar is a well known eye specialist in India, who amazingly, donates nearly
half his time to running local village medical clinics. He was brought to Africa to
attend to patients here. 250 per day! The next step is for him to teach African
doctors and nurses the simple systems he has developed through his years of
experience, so that the locals will be able to conduct similar clinics themselves,
in the future. This patient is a Muslim woman. All races and religions are
treated on the same basis of meeting needs.

The following projects are under consideration, along with a variety of others, in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria.
Fish farm with about 2,000 fingerlings in an area with high demand for protein. A booming business today!
A tailoring school to provide a place for people within the local community to make their clothes at good
prices. The school will provide a skill acquisition centre for young girls who are school dropouts and single
parents from the local neighbourhood.
The product to be farmed may vary from Cassava, Corn, Millet, Beans and Tuber crops. A good supply of
fertiliser is needed.
Piglets are raised and given free to villagers who, in return have to give some of their piglets back to the
main farm to be raised and then distributed to others.
The well known Micro funding system, where small loans, usually around $US100 are given,
often to housewives, to start a small business, has been very successful in helping many
families overcome poverty.
Shortage of capital, lack of security and high interest rates hinder much development in Africa. While we
support certain humanitarian projects directly, eg. medical clinics, our main focus is to provide loan
finance at reasonable rates of interest to projects in the $US1 -10,000 range. In this way your donations
are turned into capital, which itself can be recycled from project to project, as loans are repaid. This
requires a greater level of commitment and partnership on behalf of those being assisted, and the
obligation to repay is a great motivation towards ensuring that one's particular project is both viable and
Can You Help?
A Continent of 800 Million
beautiful people, many living
on 'less than a dollar a day'.

We can so easily make a
difference to their lives
through giving what we no
longer need ourselves.
If this 'Mini- Funding' scheme enthuses you, you can
directly contribute cash, either as seed capital, or on
a loan basis for a minimum of 2 years at an interest
rate of 5%p.a. Or make an interest free loan, if you
wish. To find out more, please contact David Tait at
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Village Medical Clinics
Simple medical treatment is hugely beneficial to the people. A series of village medical clinics was run by the
Patrick Song Foundation in late 2006 using Dr Kumar from India who has many years of experience in their