What can I give?
Our throwaways are others' treasures! From clothing to
cellphones, linen to toys, curtains to bedding, all can
find a new home to be loved in. More . . .
About Us
'africa arise' has grown out of the heart David and
Kathy Tait have developed for Africa during several
visits to this wonderful continent. More . . .
Self-help and humanitarian projects from fish farms to
medical clinics, tailoring to bores, pig farming to
orphanages, and much more . . .
Seekers Megamart
Seekers Megamart is the trading arm of 'Africa Arise', selling clothing at reasonable prices
to our customers. We support the local communities where our shops are based as well as
raise funds to help pay for our aid projects.

Check out the details at the 'Seekers' website:
Want to know more
about recycling and

29% of used
clothes are recycled!

*Africa is the world's
2nd largest continent
at 22% of the land
More . . .
How it
Your recycling is
turned into cash in a
unique way designed
to maximise the return
to the people who
need most need help.
Find out more . . .
One of a series of
Medical Clinics,
provided with our
help by the Patrick
Song Foundation,
250 Africans, mainly
women & children,
were treated by Dr
Kumar on this one
day alone! Waiting
room, surgery &
dispensary shown.
A Continent of 800 Million
beautiful people, many living
on 'less than a dollar a day'.

We can so easily make a
difference to their lives
through giving what we no
longer need ourselves.
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